For NHS Trusts

Effective operational performance and management hinges on information. Scan4Safety has provided leading NHS trusts with data that now underpins better decision making and improved operational performance.

Board and executive management

A key output of Scan4Safety is data that can be used to inform the whereabouts and utilisation of NHS trust resources. This extends to clinical time, theatre utilisation and stock rotation, to name a few. There are significant benefits in being an early adopter of Scan4Safety. Whether your trust joins at an early or later stage, the benefits of adopting standards in healthcare are now proven and cannot be ignored.

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Whether you are interested in understanding how you compare to your peers, what new products are available to support the care you provide, or simply want to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient care, Scan4Safety provides an opportunity to enhance and improve front line processes. Senior clinicians have benefitted from their trust joining the programme and now champion the benefits.

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If you have ever been tired on shift and had too many patients depending on you, Scan4Safety can provide a check to make sure that errors don’t impede the care you provide. Whether dispensing medicines or IVs, through Scan4Safety, machine checks via a simple product scan, can prevent errors occurring.

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Finance directors and managers

NHS trusts participating in Scan4Safety have realised both significant one-off savings as well as ongoing efficiency benefits. Each Scan4Safety trust is on track to realise a 4:1 benefits ratio over a seven-year period. With the Department of Health and Social Care providing the initial upfront investment in the form of a grant, it is a win-win situation for trust financial directors and managers.

Once implemented and, if done so correctly and sustainably, the efficiency gains then continue in perpetuity for the trust. Furthermore, through visibility of data and subsequent better utilisation of resources, Scan4Safety provides a foundation through which trust decision making can be based on useful information and planning can be more effective.

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IT directors and managers

Information Technology (IT) plays a vital enabling role for the implementation of Scan4Safety in a trust and some of the central grant from the DHSC is commonly used for the procurement of more effective and interoperable systems that deliver the visibility of where people and products are across a trust.

From mobile scanning solutions to electronic ordering and invoicing across the supply chain, Scan4Safety poses challenges of, and supports IT departments to deliver the functionality required to support the best patient care and effective management of NHS resources.

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Procurement is where it all began for Scan4Safety. The publication of the NHS eProcurement Strategy in 2014 set off the programme of work that has grown into the Scan4Safety programme. Procurement departments across the NHS still have a key enabling role to play in Scan4Safety and generally have a broad view of operations across the trust, which helps to embed Scan4Safety and work with clinicians and management to realise the benefits.

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