For technology and service providers

Scan4Safety relies on the implementation of compliant IT infrastructure across both trust and supplier systems. The programme works closely with technology providers to build cohesive and interoperable processes from point of manufacture to point of care.

What does compliance look like?

In order for both trusts and suppliers to achieve GS1 and PEPPOL compliance, solutions providers will need to upgrade their software and services, as well as the interfaces between systems, to enable the exchange of relevant GS1 and PEPPOL compliant information.

What is the Department doing to help?

The Department has undertaken a number of demonstrations of technology that will help systems providers in their journey towards compliance and interoperability.

The Department is piloting the implementation of a GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) that would support Master Data Exchange (MDE) in healthcare.

The Department is also coordinating market activity to drive faster growth of the PEPPOL network in healthcare.

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