Learn from a Demonstrator Site

If you work for an NHS organisation, as a clinician or as a manager, you can find out more about the benefits Scan4Safety can bring to your organisation by getting in touch with a site that has already implemented the programme.

Sites of excellence

The six Demonstrator Sites provide a working example of the process behind the programme. You can find out more, or book an informal visit to one of the sites, by contacting them directly:

Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides acute hospital and some community based health services, serving a population of over 600,000 people in and around Southern Derbyshire.

We treat around a million patients a year and run two hospitals; the Royal Derby Hospital, which incorporates the Derbyshire Children’s Hospital, is a busy acute teaching hospital. London Road is the Trust’s Community Hospital. We offer a wide range of inpatient and outpatient surgical and medical specialities, intensive care, maternity services, community and children’s services and accident and emergency care.

What we have achieved:

  • Patient identification – All patient wristbands 100% GS1 compliant.
  • Location numbering – 10,000 GLNs (100% of the Trusts locations) allocated and now have a register in place (ARCHIBUS). Derby about to commence the labelling of GLN identified rooms.
  • Catalogue management – Catalogue cleansed and new catalogue management process live, over 50% of purchased products listed in our catalogue system.
  • Product recall – New Process established building on the previous policy, amended to reflect Derby can now trace relevant products to Patients ‘In Theatres’
  • Purchase to pay – Review of ‘as-is’ P2P processes now completed. All departments reviewed and signed off these processes. Access Point chosen and first PEPPOL order and Invoice transmitted.
  • Inventory management – IMS In place with development scheduled to further improve, Business as usual work packages updated to reflect new stock review activity, data now available to ensure stock levels are scrutinised and amended to reflect available usage information.
Contact us at DHFT.Scan4Safety@nhs.net

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest acute providers in the country with over 16,000 staff, a £1.1 billion budget and seeing around 1.5 million patients year.

We provide a wide range of tertiary services to the Yorkshire and Humber region and beyond. These include cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, organ transplantation, cancer services, children’s services and major trauma. In early 2016 the Trust was designated the national hand transplant lead centre, having pioneered this service in the UK.

What we have achieved:

  • Patient identification – phased introduction of GS1 wristbands in some areas of our hospitals
  • Location numbering – All Trust locations have GLNs in place – there are 25,772 in total.
  • Catalogue management – Systems in place, and processes reviewed
  • Product recall – Current product recall process processes mapped
  • Purchase to pay – Review of P2P processes complete. New processes being developed. Investigating options for e-invoicing
  • Inventory management – Technical solutions reviewed and plan in place to manage inventory
Contact us at lth.scan4safety@nhs.net

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust provides a range of clinical care, which includes general acute and emergency services, to approximately 240,000 people in Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire. Specialist services, such as burns, plastic surgery, cleft lip and palate, genetics and rehabilitation, extend to a much wider population of more than three million people.

What we have achieved:

  • Patient identification – Scanning enabled on on in-house Patient Observation and Blood Tracking systems so that patient wristband is scanned to automatically bring up right patient record.
  • Location numbering – Intranet property register in place (MICAD), 4,435 GLNs allocated and 44% of locations across hospital physically barcode labelled.
  • Catalogue management – Catalogue cleansed and new catalogue management process live.
  • Product recall – New Product Recall Process SOP agreed and being rolled out.
  • Purchase-to-pay – New P2P policies agreed and being implemented. No PO No Pay process now in place. PEPPOL testing with ready suppliers now starting.
  • Inventory management – New Inventory Management System, Genesis now live. Point of care scanning in place in Cardiology and Orthopaedics, with all products scannned to patient.
Contact us at Scan4Safety@salisbury.nhs.uk

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust is the largest hospital trust in the south west peninsula and is a teaching trust in partnership with the Peninsula Medical School. The Trust has an integrated Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit which has a staff of approximately 250 military personnel who work within a variety of posts from lead doctors to trainee medical assistants. The Trust is developing rapidly as a centre for research in partnership with the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and Plymouth and Exeter Universities.
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust provides comprehensive secondary and tertiary healthcare to people in the South West Peninsula. We also we provide comprehensive training and education for a wide range of healthcare professionals. We offer a full range of general hospital services to around 450,000 people in Plymouth, North and East Cornwall and South and West Devon. These include emergency and trauma services, maternity services, paediatrics and a full range of diagnostic, medical and surgical sub-specialties.

What we have achieved:

  • Patient identification – GS1 compliant patient ID band is now scanned by when clincians use iSoft iCM & Blood Tracking (bedside module). CRIS (Radiology Orders) is on track for go live later this year.
  • Location numbering – GLNs applied to all of the Trust’s physical spaces (held within MICAD), 100% of our site have barcodes affixed. Inventory & eProcurement (Finance & eCatalogues Management) systems now use GLNs to identify storerooms, Ship-to and Bill-to addresses. Estates system (Planet FM) to be configured to use GLNs when carrying out maintenance tasks. National GLN registry updated with all public GLNs.
  • Catalogue management – Supplier product GTINs have been uploaded to the Trust eCatalogue System (GHX Nexus) for Class III implantables. GDSN capability live with Smith & Nephew with a view to onboarding other suppliers. Explore other sources of GTIN eg. NHS Supply Chain GDSN datapool.
  • Product recall – Organisational policies and processes complete and a technical solution has been agreed. It now take minutes/hours to recall products and identify patients affected compared to weeks and months previously.
  • Purchase to pay – The Trust purchasing system has been upgraded so that GLNs and GTINs are included on Purchase Orders and Invoices. Currently 41% of all goods transaction lines have GTINs assigned.
  • Inventory management – Point of Care scanning has been successfully rolled out within Trauma and Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery theatres, this has enabled Auto Replenishment, electronic track and trace (Product Recall) ability, more accurate patient level costing and efficient control of high-value inventory to realise financial benefits.

Our next steps:

  • Continue to roll out Point of Care scanning within Theatre areas, Tracking Medical Equipment & Surgical Instruments using RFID and other related projects that can use the implemented core standards (Patient, Product & Place).

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospital North Tees provides acute care services for North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust. The hospital has 563 beds and provides urgent and emergency care services. It has a workforce of approximately 5500 staff and serves a population of around 400,000 in Hartlepool, Stockton and parts of County Durham. The trust also provides services in a number of community facilities across the areas supported, including Peterlee Community Hospital and the One Life Centre, Hartlepool.

What we have achieved:

  • Patient identification – All in-patient wristbands are 100% GS1 compliant, including Neonates.
  • Location numbering – 100% of Trusts locations have Global Location Numbers (GLNs).
  • Catalogue management – The Trust has adopted a new catalogue management solution, called The EDGE, from VirtualStock. This is part of a focused drive to design-out process inefficiencies both within the hospital and its wider supply base and to deliver a radical step-change in system interoperability.
  • Product recall – Standard operating procedure completed for product recall.
  • Purchase to Pay – Cardea P2P GLN and GTIN in user acceptance testing, PEPPOL access point selected, also Procurement policy completed.
  • Inventory Management – Standard operating procedure and policy completed, roll out plan in place to manage inventory across all Trust departments, android scanners in user acceptance testing, Produced Genesis roll out plan.
Contact us at scan4safety@nth.nhs.uk

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust is the principal provider of acute care services in the county of Cornwall. It serves a population of around 450,000 people, a figure that can be doubled by holidaymakers during the busiest times of the year. The Trust employs approximately 5,000 staff and has a budget of approximately £330 million. The Trust is responsible for the provision of services at three sites (comprising approximately 750 beds).

What we have achieved:

  • Patient identification – all patient wristbands 100% GS1 compliant.
  • Location numbering – 6,649 GLNs allocated on property register inMICAD.
  • Catalogue management – Catalogue Management gap analysis completed to inform future system requirements.
  • Product recall – Current product recall process processes mapped
  • Purchase to pay – Review of ‘as-is’ P2P processes now completed.
  • Inventory management – Review of current processes taken place and a review of organisation structure and current systems underway.
Contact us at scan4safety.cornwall@nhs.net