In Action

Scan4Safety is in action in six acute NHS hospitals in England. It is structured around the implementation of three ‘primary use cases’ and three ‘core enablers’ with the learnings captured in a suite of ‘How To’ guides.

Scan4Safety – a phased approach

Phase 0, which provides a foundation for implementation, is proof of organisational readiness for Scan4Safety. All acute trusts can work to fulfil Scan4Safety phase 0 criteria. Hull and Portsmouth NHS foundation trusts are among the programme’s fast followers, having completed phase 0 requirements. These are:

  • Appointing a Trust Board Scan4Safety Sponsor;
  • Appointing a senior clinical Scan4Safety champion;
  • Undertaking a current state of readiness assessment;
  • Initiating engagement with existing Scan4Safety adopting Trust(s);
  • Developing a detailed implementation project plan;
  • Proposing a Scan4Safety project team.

See the Scan4Safety Implementation Requirements document for more information.


“The introduction of GS1 standards will allow every NHS hospital in England to save on average up to £3 million each year while improving patient care.”