Scan4Safety transforms inventory management at Cornwall

The go-live of a new Inventory Management system in Royal Cornwall Hospital’s (RCH) Cath Labs, marked the first step in what will be a dramatic transformation to how the Trust manages inventory as part of the Scan4Safety Programme. As one of only six demonstrator sites in the country, RCHT is leading the way for the NHS in adopting smarter and more effective systems and practices, intended to improve patient safety , save patient and staff time and reduce costs – win / win for all.
Using simple point and click scanning, the system holds data on what implant has been used for which patient, allowing staff to quickly and safely track down any products in the event of a product being recalled for safety reasons.

The new Atticus system uses GS1 Barcodes and ‘hands free’ RFID tags to track what stock we have and what we are using, making sure everything is in date and we can find what we need for our patients at all times. By automatically re-ordering what we use, clinical teams will no longer waste time on ordering. In the Cath Labs alone, this has been calculated as 25 hours per week extra to spend on improving the quality of patient care – the equivalent of 3 days of a full-time clinician.

“Releasing clinicians’ time away from administrative tasks such as ordering stock has to be a priority. The Scan 4 Safety project in RCH’s Cath Labs has effectively released 3 days per week of a full-time clinician back to patient care. In addition, this project provides significant benefits for patient safety, providing patient data that will enable a rapid response in the event of any product safety recall.”

Ethna McCarthy, Director of Strategy & Business Development

“The Scan 4 Safety project aims to allow us to free -up more time, providing care for our patients within the Cardiac Catheter Labs. The scanners are very quick and simple to use, and the team were trained very swiftly. The inventory management system also allows us to accurately and safely track implantable products, and be able to access live data of what stock is on the shelf.”

Rob Benton-Smith, Charge Nurse, Cardiac Catheter Labs

Added on November 3, 2017, in News - Case Studies