Salisbury improves product traceability

Through Scan4Safety, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has increased visibility of its inventory and stock wastage, reducing wastage in orthopaedics by 96%.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust faces the challenge of meeting increased demand for operational efficiencies in the supply chain. Prior to the upgrade of the inventory management system, there was no methodology to track stock wastage, which resulted in a highly manual expiry management process.


  • To improve expiry management through implementing a new inventory management system. This will work to better manage expiry dates of products, and ensure appropriate stock rotation to utilise items closest to expiry.
  • To optimise supply chain management through analysing data, to enable forecasting of product usage that will expire in the next 3, 6 and 12 months.
  • To formalise policies and procedures regarding receipting products and exchanging items with less than 18 months before expiry.
  • “Scan4Safety has given visibility to the historic wastage within the supply chain. We can now proactively manage our products, safeguarding patients while making the NHS more efficient. Wastage within the NHS is not is only just being recognised as an area of value, we now have the evidence that others can use to ensure the whole supply chain becomes safer and more efficient.”

    Rob Drag, Scan4Safety Programme Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

    Enhancing operational efficiencies

    1. Improved expiry management processes – New procedures and processes were implemented for receipting, rotating stock and proactively managing inventory. This enhances the management of supply chain flow coming in and out of the Trust.
    2. Reducing wastage – With increased visibility of stock through the inventory management system, and setting procedures for receipting and rotating stock, the Trust can accurately forecast savings over £100,000 in orthopaedics by the end of the 2017/18 financial year.
    3. Improving supplier relationships –Through increased understanding and management of expiring products, the Trust developed better relationships with its suppliers. For example, with consignment stock, suppliers would be notified months in advance of their products reaching expiry, in order negotiate terms and conditions for an exchange. Together with suppliers, utilisation trends could be analysed to rationalise inventory and implement appropriate stock levels.
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