Proven to improve patient safety, traceability, operational productivity and supply chain efficiency

Setting the standards for safer care

Scan4Safety is a pioneering programme which was initially led by the Department of Health and Social Care in 2016. The programme is now driven by the NHS England Transformation Directorate as part of The Digital Clinical Safety Strategy.



Increased Efficiency

£9m of non-recurrent inventory reductions 

Cost Saving

Almost £5m of recurrent inventory savings 

Time Saving

140,000 hours of clinical time released to care 

Increased Productivity

Product recall lead times fallen from 8.33 days to less than 35 minutes 

What people are saying

  • Quote / Testimonial:

    “I’m delighted to present the support offer from the Scan4Safety team. Scanning is cost effective and improves patient safety through:

    • Generating early warning systems for expired medical devices

    • Fast and efficient retrieval and recall

    • Monitors implanted devices on a patient’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

    Also, it frees staff from manual data entry and improves accuracy. Scan4Safety helps trusts implement scanning solution by:

    • Securing senior buy-in

    • Making a business case

    • Getting scanning up and running

    • Benefits realisation”

    Natasha Phillips, Chief Nursing Information Officer, NHS England Transformation Directorate – November, 2022

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