The Scan4Safety programme evidence was published in the Scan4Safety report in June 2020. The Scan4Safety report highlights the results achieved by the six demonstrator sites over the course of the two-year programme. It also showcases further evidence from other NHS trusts on their Scan4Safety journey alongside testimonials from leading NHS and regulatory figures.

The results demonstrate how using GS1 standards to uniquely identify people, products and places, improves patient safety, traceability, operational productivity and supply chain efficiency.

Key Evidence

  • 140,000 hours of clinical time released to care 
  • Almost £5m of recurrent inventory savings 
  • £9m of non-recurrent inventory reductions 
  • Time taken to process product recalls at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, fallen from 8.33 days to less than 35 minutes 
  • Scanning in pharmacy at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust reduced prevented-error rates by 76 per cent

Download the Scan4Safety report

The NHS England Transformation Directorate continues to support the national rollout of Scan4Safety in England. The benefits seen from the programme have the potential to be reflected by NHS trusts that implement the Scan4Safety principles.