How To Get Started

Taking the first steps

Engagement is key to the success of any implementation project. To implement the foundations for Scan4Safety, every journey should start with a robust organisational structure and approach.

Here are some guidance points on taking the first steps to help trusts, suppliers and solution providers get started.

Our commitment to patient safety

Scanning improves patient safety through embedding the 4 P’s, enabling health care organisations to generate early warning systems for expired medical devices, fast and efficient retrieval and recall and monitoring long-term outcomes of implanted devices on a patient’s EPR. Scanning is highly cost effective as it frees staff from manual data entry and improves data accuracy from day one.

Scan4Safety FutureNHS Platform

Join our Scan4Safety FutureNHS page to access more information, resources, and the forum to connect with peers, share insights, collaborate and find answers to your questions around the Scan4Safety delivery:

Scan4Safety – Digital Clinical Safety – FutureNHS Collaboration Platform