The Scan4Safety website has a fresh new look!

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The Scan4Safety website has a fresh new look!

We are delighted to unveil the newly refreshed Scan4Safety website, an essential resource dedicated to advancing patient safety through the innovative application of scanning technology. In collaboration with NHS Supply Chain, GS1 UK, MHRA, and DHSC, NHS England is intensifying its efforts to enhance safety and traceability throughout the NHS with the Scan4Safety initiative.

This initiative is a cornerstone of our ongoing commitment to improving patient care by harnessing the latest in scanning technology.

馃攳 What the Website Offers:

路鈥疌omprehensive Guides: Step-by-step insights for healthcare providers embarking on their Scan4Safety journey.

路鈥疘n-depth Information: Delve into the heart of Scan4Safety, understanding its core principles and the evidence supporting its effectiveness.

路鈥疨artnership Details: Explore our collaborations with Scan4Safety partners and related programmes, showcasing a united front in healthcare innovation.

路鈥疶ailored Advice: Customized advice for Trusts, Suppliers, and Solution Providers.

馃寪 Why Visit the Website?

路鈥 Educational Value: Stay informed about the latest advancements in patient safety technologies.

路鈥疌ollaborative Opportunities: Learn how to engage with other professionals and entities involved in Scan4Safety.

路鈥疪esource Hub: Access a wealth of information and tools to facilitate your participation in this groundbreaking project.

The Scan4Safety website is not just a resource; it’s a beacon for those dedicated to advancing patient safety and operational excellence within the NHS. Whether you’re initiating your Scan4Safety journey or looking to deepen your existing involvement, the website serves as your comprehensive guide to information, guidance, and collaboration.

We invite you to explore the website today and join us in this significant endeavor to enhance healthcare delivery and patient safety.

For detailed insights into the Scan4Safety initiative, we encourage you to read our full article: Explore further.

Kingston NHS Hospital Trust Scan4Safety feature image