NHS Supply Chain launches policy to support globally recognised coding standards for medical device identification

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To accelerate traceability of medical devices, NHS Supply Chain has launched a policy on Data Standards for Supplier Product Coding. This will ensure all suppliers of medical devices and clinical consumables to the NHS adopt globally recognised coding standards for product identification, preferably the GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

The policy also requires medical devices to carry ‘Unique Device Identification’ (UDI) compliant barcode labels, which will carry scannable information relating to the production of the device, for example, the expiry date and the serial or lot number. Additionally, clinical consumable products should carry a barcode label so that the product can be scanned for inventory management purposes.

This is part of NHS Supply Chain’s vision that single scan from inventory management systems can be integrated to have many uses across the NHS, tackling financial and workforce challenges and most importantly improving patient safety.

Integrated inventory management is a critical enabler of Scan4Safety, supporting point of care scanning. It will also provide a valuable source of data into the Federated Data Platform driving system wide visibility of inventory data and supporting resilience.

Read the NHS Supply Chain news story to find out more.

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